Professional Contemporary Dance in Los Angeles


Hazel Clarke, dance instructor and choreographer, began her teaching career in 1996 in the Bay Area, CA, where she graduated with a BFA in dance from San Jose State University.  In 2002 she moved to Los Angeles and began teaching and choreographing in the South Bay. Finding  it difficult for both herself and her fellow dance instructor colleagues to balance their full time teaching positions and enjoy dancing themselves, Hazel wanted to create a place where she could exercise her creative drive and provide professional contemporary and modern dance in the South Bay to dance educators. In 2006, Hazel founded Kairos Dance Company. Since their debut performance in January of 2007, the company has gone on to perform in various venues in L.A., Palm Desert, San Francisco, Las Vegas, NV, Denver, CO, and Ogden, UT.


Clarke's dance is animated and athletic, with streaks of rhythmic detail and fluidity. She creates "tenderness, sensitivity and anguish" ( and has creative and "interesting spacing and groupings", creating a "fun to watch" and unique style. (


Kairos Dance Company is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that creates original and socially conscious works of extraordinary artistry to generate inspire action within individuals, and to stimulate social progress in communities.