Kairos Dance Company is a non profit 501 C(3) that uses dance as a platform to bring awareness to social issues in order to better our community. Through intimate interviews and emotionally-stirring contemporary dance, Kairos presents PARADIGM. KDC shows how social media can be a wonderful source to connect with friends and loved ones from next door to across the world, and how it can provide unlimited education and knowledge. The company will also explore the negative aspects of social media such as the increase in bullying, depression, addiction, and loss of actual human connection.


  • 27% of children who use social media for 2 hours a day show symptoms of mental health issues
  • People who experience low self-esteem can take advantage of social media and its capability to bond them with others in order to pull themselves up from slumps in their mood.
  • ‚Äč95% of teens who use social media have witnessed cyberbullying and 33% have been victims themselves

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